Wolfgang – Silverton, BC

Hello John,

Today I got the Water Tanks delivered. I am so happy with the work you did. Everything is exactly as we talked and better.

Thank you very much.

Wolfgang –  Silverton, BC.

Doug – Squirt test on Septic Field

So here is the squirt test on my job that you and I discussed. Worked just as you said. The black ring on the shovel handle is 2′ off the ground.

It still amazes me. (Even though I didn’t hoop and holler this time).

For your records, this was 81′ of run, 6’2″ of head, 60-3/16″ orifices.
Thank you again for your help and consideration. Very much appreciated!


K.W. – Eastsound, WA.

‘My home has six of your VU 2340 storage tanks, which I have been very happy with.  I am wanting to add another two tanks to increase our storage capacity and wondered how best to purchase them in the US.  –  K.W.  Eastsound, WA.’

Doug – Quadra Island, BC

“Thank you John. The install went very well. Easy to set up and it works great! Its a marvel. I am now officially your biggest fan! And thanks for the support.”

Jerry – Sequim, WA.

“The Flout dosing system works great. The Installer was very impressed with how easy it was to install and the Owner was happy with the cost and no electricity. I will use this product every chance I get. Thanks for everything.”

Steve – Denman Island, BC

“Just wanted to tell you I designed a system around the flout for the Affordable Housing Association here on Denman and it worked like a charm. Your worksheet worked well and the dose pressured up the field evenly for about 3 minutes. I called the person who will be living in the house, he went and saw the squirt test and was impressed with the whole idea of dosing with no electricity as he is the one who will be paying the bills! Cheers and thanks.”

Brian & Margaret – Bowen Island, BC

“We were in yesterday and we just want to say thank you very much. The tank is in and we are extremely impressed with the service you gave us, and Sam as well. Thank you so much for your time. Everything is exactly what we asked for and there couldn’t be a better customer relations organization than you guys have, that’s absolutely wonderful and we really do appreciate it. Thank you.”

Phillip – South Slocan, BC

“I just want to say I am impressed by the strength of this tank and will continue to use Premier tanks for my septic installations. (Please continue to make them tough.)”