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PREMIER PLASTICS ANNOUNCES 3 NEW EXCEL DESIGN/PERFORMANCE APPLICATIONS. -  All Easy to Use, Very Fast and no Fees.     GRAVITY 2017 Performance Evaluation for ‘FLOUT’ Gravity Powered Pressure Septic Fields. (Type A) Graphic Introduction Sheet Guideline for use Sample Worksheet QUICKSTEP 2017 Effluent Pump Sizing for Septic Fields …

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John riding in 2011

John Richardson, President - Premier Plastics Inc. THE ROTARY CLUB OF VANCOUVER 120KM BIKE-A-THON TO HARRISON HOT SPRINGS JULY 9, 2017 The annual Bike-A-Thon, through St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver’, helps bring the gift of sound and the joy of life …

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First Flush Devices 08/12/2016

RAINWATER FIRST FLUSH DIVERTER DEVICES By Sandra Ungerson, AloPluvia IWRM Ltd. August 11,2016     Why do people put first flush diverters in their rainwater systems? First flush diverters are intended to remove debris, so leaves, needles and such, do not get into …

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The Flout Gravity Dosing Alternative 02/26/2015

A Flout Dosed Septic Field

Wastewater Management with the Flout®... by Jim Richard, Rissy Plastics, llc, and Richard Septic Systems, Inc. Successful on-site waste water management requires a good disposal field and precise effluent distribution. Many disposal fields have been destroyed and replaced just because …

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Understanding the Flout® Dosing System for Septic Fields 02/26/2015


The FLOUT® Dosing System offers a simple, self-contained and trouble free method of delivering intermittent dosing to gravity fed and pressure fed septic fields. Premier FLOUT® Dosing Tanks are completely pre-assembled, dose calibrated and ready for installation. Sites where the …

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