25 Years of Quality Tanks Polyethylene Water Tanks & Septic Tanks

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    Light Weight, High Strength Septic Tanks

    Our unique Butterfly Rib™ design resists vertical and horizontal ground pressure.

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    CSA/NSF Certified Polyethylene Tanks

    We manufacture water/chemical tank styles for above and below ground installations.

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    High Quality Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Natural water source storage solutions for conservation minded urban residents.

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Septic Tank Systems and Accessories


The unique Butterfly Ribs™ are unparalleled in ability to resist vertical and horizontal ground pressure. The series of short, flat, triangular surfaces keep the direction of forces in line with each rib, thus substantially increasing stiffness compared with curved rib tanks.


Water/Chemical Tanks and Accessories


Premier water holding tanks are fabricated from high quality food grade polyethylene, and are UV stable, rugged one piece construction and impact resistant. Our tanks are CSA and ANSI/NSF approved for drinking water and offer an easy-to-install solution to your water storage or rain harvesting needs.


Rain Water Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting is increasingly popular with cabin and cottage owners, conservation minded urban residents, and people who want a more natural source of water. Here you will find installation guides, product guides, information and useful links.


Installation Guides & Manuals

Premier Plastics Inc. provides careful considerations and procedures for the safe and sound installation of our above ground and below ground tanks for professional trades people qualified in all aspects of plastic septic tank and water storage tank installation.



  • John,

    Thanks so much for your rapid follow up – that’s why we follow Premier Plastics!

    D R - Kaslo, BC
  • I had occasion a few days ago to require a very small plastic part that I had difficulty finding in various outlets in the Vancouver area. I received mostly disinterest at those centres which I visited because either they didn’t care or didn’t know. I would guess the former.

    As a last resort I discovered Premium Plastics and received assistance from John Richardson, the president no less who had far bigger issues to deal with than the trivial problem I presented, that made absolutely no difference, John patiently helped me as though it was a thousand dollar transaction. That treatment was more important to me than the part I obtained, although I needed it badly. Incidentally John gave, not sold me the part.

    Jake Hodgins - Vancouver Area
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Plastic Water Tanks, Plastic Septic Tank Manufacturer

Please watch our video above: “Welcome to Premier Plastics” – Many Thanks to Sustainability Television – info@SustainabilityTelevision.com

Premier Plastics Inc. has over 20 years of experience manufacturing light weight, high strength, and corrosion free polyethylene plastic septic tanks, water storage tanks and accessories.

Our plastic tanks are manufactured to the highest engineering standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability in every product.

Regulation septic tanks are CSA certified for up to four feet of soil cover. All water tanks are CSA and ANSI/NSF 61 certified for drinking water, are ultraviolet stable, environmentally safe and fully recyclable.

Contact the factory for certification in other jurisdictions.

Premier tanks can be fully recycled.

Above ground tanks are warranted for 8 years, below ground tanks for 10 years. A much longer life span can be expected.

Select the tank(s) that will suit your needs from our comprehensive range of sizes and styles.



Look for the PREMIER label of quality: PREMIER PLASTICS – ‘Good Solid Tanks’